Snow Team

Snow Team

Layne Treater Ashbury Edit

Layne Rage from Keep The Change on Vimeo. Stepchild Ashbury Team rider Layne Treater gets all Rage Against The Machine—eeeee.

Ultimate Welcomes Holden Outerwear

  Ultimate Distribution is very excited and honored to announce our new partnership with Holden. Company founders Mikey LeBlanc and Scott Zergebel have regained control of the brand after being…

Ultimate Welcomes Public Snowboards

Ultimate Distribution is the exclusive North American distributor for the newly formed Public Snowboards. Started by professional snowboarder Joe Sexton, Public brings a smaller independent approach to the world of…

Dave Short

Rides for: Arbor Snowboards Watch Dave Short in Snowboard Canada’s “Glimpse”, available for free download here

DILLON OJO Rides for: StepChild Snowboards | HOWL @dildojo

LP Dorval Rides for: StepChild Snowboards @lp_dorval

Cody Wilson Rides for: StepChild Snowboards @codywils