Ultimate Welcomes Holden Outerwear



Ultimate Distribution is very excited and honored to announce our new partnership with Holden. Company founders Mikey LeBlanc and Scott Zergebel have regained control of the brand after being purchased in 2013 by POW INC. LeBlanc and Zergebel have always been a part of the brand but now as they take back the reigns in 2016, they promise a renewed focus on creating innovative and stylish outerwear and layering while remaining true to what put Holden on the map in the first place: Clean and simple timeless design with progressive fits using advanced and sustainable materials.

The team at Ultimate Distribution is stoked to be joining forces with Holden at this stage in the game. The brand is a perfect fit for our current line-up of forward thinking companies that cater to “true” mountain adventurers. Holden joins Stepchild, Public, Howl Supply, Ashbury and Crab Grab as a perfect addition to our snow offering.

“I’ve always admired Holden, it is a brand that has set the benchmark for snow sports outerwear and we are stoked to help the brands vision grow in Canada.”
— Brad Richmond, Co Owner Ultimate Distribution

“Over the past few seasons we have built some solid momentum with excellence in delivery and a small but meaningful collections. And moving forward with the experienced team at Ultimate we are very excited to carry forward the momentum of the Holden brand. They understand our approach to stylish functional outerwear. We mutually plan to combine Holden’s branding and product expertise with Ultimate’s resources and excellence in business.”
— Mikey LeBlanc, Co-Founder Holden, Sales and Marketing Director

Canadian Brand Manager:
Steve Day – steveday@ultimatedistro.com
Phone: 1.855.279.8408


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