Cutts & Bows: Upper Skagit River

After the hecticness of Know Show wrapped up, Craig, Tyler and Kolby took Morgan from Commit, Ian from Boarderline and Angelo from Axel and Reel on a Cutts and Bows…

Hammer Skateboards visits Skate One

Kevin Harris took Dave from Hammer Skateboards in Toronto on a trip to Skate One, where George Powell toured them both through the factory. Here’s some photos of the tour!


We dug through the archives to bring you Concrete Powder’s Canadian Skateboard Annual 2003 Edition. This issue features Aaron Johnson, Mark Appleyard, Donny Barly, Brad Sheppard, Alex Chalmers, Mike Hastie,…

Hell in the Cell | Photos

That’s a wrap for the first annual Hell in the Cell! Thank you Boardroom, The Drive, Menu and Club 57 for making this such a rad event with us. Aleka…

Blast from the Past | 01

We dug through the archives to bring you Concrete Powder’s Canadian Skateboard Annual 2001 Edition. This issue features Rick McCrank, Ryan Hamilton, Sluggo, Moses, Colin McKay, Chad Muska, Kris Markovich,…

Sucka Free

From the West Coast of Canada and found yourself with access to a twelve-passenger van? Well, pile all your friends in the van, phone up the Green Tortious to get…

Propera Parada: Zona Franca (Photos)

Propera Parada Zona Franca, which is Catalan for Next Stop Zone Franca, is a homie trip video featuring Vancouver skaters in Europe, more specifically Zone 3 in Paris and Barcelona….

Magnus Hanson is PRO!

Magnus Hanson is pro for Element Skateboards!! Boards will be available in Canada beginning of September. Congrats Magnus, you deserved this! Photos courtesy of Neal Lally (@neal.lally).

Foundation Oddity Premiere Photos

The Foundation Premiere went off at our HQ on Thursday. Checkout some recap photos above, and don’t forget to check Thrasher for new Oddity parts daily!


Agence NBP and the crew held it down at the Frog Tradeshow in Montreal this week. Here’s a couple snaps courtesy of @elamothe!

30th Anniversary Party Recap Pt.2

Our 30th Anniversary Party & KNOWSHOW Kickoff event was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to all who’s supported us over the years. Here’s the second…