Video Check Out: Alexis Ramirez

Age: 17
Home: San Diego, California
Sponsors: Sk8Mafia, Pig Wheels, JSLV

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Wes Kremer.
Best band you’ve seen live: I’ve never been to a concert.
Best 360 flip: Chris Joslin.
Dream trip: China and Barcelona.
Am who should be pro: Miles Silvas.
Favorite filmer: Ismael Murguia.
Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Leticia Bufoni.
Celebrity crush: Jennifer Lopez.

Wow! Can’t say I didn’t see this comin’. Alexis has been steadily killing it since he was a li’l grom at the local parks (Memo and CVS to be exact) just messin’ around. A natural ability to skate and a humble personality to back it, this kid is the next generation of skateboarding. Keep your ears and eyes open ’cause you’re gonna hear a lot about him, and you’re gonna see everything he has to offer for years to come. SD represent!—Tommy Sandoval

Follow Alexis on Instagram: @alexis_sm4l

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