Uppercut Deluxe – For those who Groom and Zoom


What happens when you put some of the raddest, nicest and most down to earth guys we’ve ever met in a room together with a camera? This.
We are so stoked to introduce this little clip, produced for all the Groomers and Zoomers out there. If you haven’t already met them, meet Scotty, Turk, Chase, Taylor, Big Scott, Dane, JJ and Eric – otherwise known as the USA contingent of the Uppercut Deluxe family. Each one of these guys is a big part of what we do and each one rocks their own signature style.

This clip was filmed one sunny day a few weeks back in and around the SoCal area – between Dane’s shop (Eagle & Pig) in Costa Mesa, through to Pacific Coast Highway and along Huntington Beach to San Onofre. We had no real plan for how the day would turn out – we just wanted to get all the guys together in one place, and try capture them doing what they do best – barbering, biking, skating and surfing.

If there has ever been a clip that captures what Uppercut Deluxe is about more than this one, we’re yet to see it. The stoke is high.

Music by The Unknowns – @the_unknowns soundcloud.com/the-unknowns-4

Scotty Stopnik – @scottystopnik
Scott Stopnik Snr – @czbigscott
Turk Stopnik – @turkstopnik
Taylor Stopnik – @taylorstopnik
Chase Stopnik – @chasestopnik
Eric Dressen – @ericdressen
Dane Hesse – @pigbarber
JJ Wessels – @jjwessels_

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