Toronto Board Meeting


September 12 – 13 – 14 is Board meeting weekend!!!


September 12 – Old School Night Shred – 7:00 PM meet up at Longboard Haven for Brucen USA Video staring Eric Jensen. THEN OLD SCHOOL NIGHT SHRED!!!!

September 13 – The Toronto Board Meeting – 2:00pm park lurk – Hill drop approx. 4:20 skater time.

AFTER PARTY!!! – Brought to your by Sector 9 Canada and Mill Street Brewery at El Furniture Warehouse Toronto !!!!

September 14 – Slide Fu – Toronto Poopchute 3pm – skater time

BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO Freniquee FOR ORGANIZING THIS YEARS AND LASY YEARS MED TEAM!!! If you get gnared up!! We have people to help!!

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