This is a film by Ashbury’s Lance Hakker that originally premiered on The Berrics. All credit goes to Lance and the TOTF crew for the hard work and amazing vibes that went into this film. Here’s what Lance has to say:

“What do you do when your ten year high school reunion has passed, you’ve had a full time 9-5 job for years, your body hurts, and you have a wife or serious significant other, or maybe even a family?

You hit the streets harder than ever, that’s what you do! Leave the safe confines of your private park. Get a hall pass from your old lady. And start skating with your friends again every weekend and during all your free time. It’ll hurt. You’ll never hate hopping fences more than now. And it’ll take your confidence a little while to resurface. But it’ll be worth it.
That’s what we did. This is a documentation of some of the best moments of our life. If the video is a little long for your taste, well, we made it for ourselves! So take your time and watch it over a few days, skip around, or enjoy it however you want!”

Starring: Adam Morales, Andrew Arthur, Arthur Mor, Ben Kelly, Chris Brown, Chris Harris, Dan Rhoades, Donny Hunt, Eric Ream, Imran Syed, Joe Ward, Josh Brubaker, Lance Hakker, Luke MacMaster, Matt Finelli, Rich Dodds, Ryan Bodman, and Tim Mendez.

Shot and Edited By: Lance Hakker