Tony Hawk: Who You Callin’ a Sell Out?

If there’s anyone who’s an expert on corporate sponsorship, it’s Tony Hawk. As skateboarding’s beloved poster child since the 80s, Tony has starred in tons of movies and TV shows, put out the most successful skate video games of all time, and brought more public awareness to skateboarding than any other person who’s touched a board. He’s endorsed McDonalds, Club Med, Bagel Bites, Sony, Kohls, and countless other mega companies. Needless to say, among pioneering a million other things in skateboarding, Tony Hawk can be attributed with bridging the gap between skating and the mainstream. And while there’s a constant desire to “keep it core” in our culture, the Birdman breaks down the concept of “selling out” and how corporations and skateboarders can co-exist.

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