Stereo Welcomes Kevin Love

“Kevin Love, what an epic name! When I first saw the name come through my inbox with some footage I thought, well…with a name like that, this dude better kill it. Well, turns out Kevin Love does kill it, and he’s one cool ass MoFo to boot.

Hailing from Virginia, Kevin has been in Southern California for 3 years now, making friends and destroying spots.

He put in some serious time and effort to gain a spot on the Stereo AM squad, and we are very stoked to introduce him via this video part.

Kevin Love! Welcome to Stereo Skateboards my friend. Well earned!” – Chris Pastras

“Skateboarding is a lot like music. Although there are a million insanely talented musicians, not all of them play with soul and style. I noticed right away that Kevin had a eye and soul for style and elegant trick selection; someone who just gets it, naturally. And thats the essence of what stereo is and what the team represents. You gotta just feel it, listen to your bodies flow and vibe with it. I believe thats what makes Kevin look so good on a skateboard… I mean so many have tried, but at the end of the day ya just cant fake the funk.” – Stereo Pro Jordan Hoffart

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