On The Reel | Part 2

In collaboration with Concrete Skateboarding, On The Reel: Part 2 features Ultimate Distribution’s teamriders representing Black Label, Life Extention, SK8MAFIA and JSLV in Canada.

Featuring: Mickenzie Keller, Jorden Murray, Sam Brown, Dan Redmond, Josh Forgues, Chad Wilson, Mike Schulze, Dustin Locke & Adam Hopkins.

Filmed by: David Ehrenreich, Sheldon Barr, Kolby Harris, Charles Giroux, Wade Power, Rich Colewell, Paul Reid, Chris Wardle, Tyler Holm, Kyle Steneide, Ethan Craig, Eric St. Laurent, Sam Greenwood.

Edited by: David Ehrenreich

Music: “Conductin’ Thangs” by Maestro Fresh Wes

Flip through the mobile-friendly On The Reel article (as it appears in Concrete #128) right here.

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