Holden welcomes Frederik Kalbermatten

Venice Beach, CA (September 10, 2016) – Holden is proud to announce the addition of Frederik Kalbermatten to the Holden Explorers team. Known for his clean style and all-mountain riding skills, Fredi is a living snowboard legend and a resident / local at the SAAS Fe resort in the Swiss Alps.

“There are just a few snowboarders that combine amazing style, power and finesse in the history of snowboarding, and Fredi is one of them.” said Holden co-founder Mikey LeBlanc. “I have been watching Fredi ride for years, and he’s always been on my short list of all-time favorite riders.”

Fredi said, “Holden really resonates with me as it’s in alignment with the way I live my life. The eco factor is really important to me but also I like to dress well. There is a lack of fashion in the mountain world in general. I can wear my Holden jacket shredding or hiking but also DJing in downtown Hamburg. I like how Holden understands the mountain lifestyle – it’s more than just mountaineering or alpine wear.”

Look out for Fredi’s upcoming projects. Last season Fredi collaborated with Nicolas Müller for the upcoming movie, “Fruition”, and also with John Jackson for his web series, “The Book of John J.” Both projects are set to release this fall. Fredi will also release a full online part at the end of the year.

What does it mean to be a Holden Explorer? “We look for like-minded contributors who naturally fit the brand, who we are, what we represent, and share in the ideology of where we’re headed.” Says Mikey LeBlanc, Brand Founder and Sales and Marketing director. “Fredi lives the life; he shreds, lives the outdoor lifestyle (that many aspire to), and runs an eco-conscious brand, Atreebutes, with fellow legend Nicolas Mueller. I’ve been waiting on this guy for years to join our Explorers team.”

Fredi joins current Holden Explorers including, but not limited to, Brendan Gerard, Cale Zima, Gus Engle, Mikey LeBlanc and Chad Otterstrom.

ABOUT HOLDEN: Based in Venice Beach, CA and founded by renowned professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel, Holden grew out of a desire to bring current fashion to the mountains. Holden’s products are the expression of our pursuit to deliver Timeless Quality™ garments; Market-leading style combined with cutting edge function, eco-friendlier options, and our celebration of everyone’s individuality where we say, “Thank you for being you.”

Holden outerwear is a widely recognized leader in style trends, fabric and technical innovations, and environmentally committed outerwear. From inception, Holden has sought a singular goal; creating products that make people happier and healthier in the pursuit of a “Life well led.”

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