DGK: Welcome to Ultimate

DGK Announces New Canadian Distribution with Ultimate
LA – January 7th, 2021


DGK is proud to announce its new partnership with Ultimate Distribution, who will bring the iconic brand to the Canadian Streets. DGK is hyped to work with Ultimate on ushering in a new era for the company in the Great White North while providing the same quality and standards accounts have come to expect from the company. Ultimate has already started shipping available inventory and will begin prebook opportunities for Fall 2021 Apparel and Hardgoods now.

“I’ve been searching for the right fit for a minute and Ultimate can help bring my vision to reality. To all DGK’s up North, we’ll be seeing you soon” – Stevie Williams

If we can provide you with additional information concerning DGK distribution in Canada, please contact 1.604.279.8408. Thank you for your continued support of DGK.


About DGK
DGK is the most authentic urban skateboard and apparel brand in the world. Started in 2002, the company is a tribute to skateboarders from less advantaged backgrounds. With the brand achieving global fame, DGK uses it’s connection to the youth to change peoples live through programs like “Saved by Skateboarding”. DGK is all about turning a negative into a positive for people from humble beginnings.

About Stevie Williams
One of the founding partners of DGK, Stevie Williams came from meager beginnings on the east coast. After hitchhiking from Philadelphia to California at 14, Stevie became a phenom within skateboarding. After being crowned one of the “Most Influencial” skateboarders of all time by Transworld Skateboarding & being featured character in Tony Hawk’s video games, Stevie turned his focus on giving more in-need youth a chance.

About Ultimate Distribution
Ultimate Distribution is the premier Skate & Distribution company located in Richmond, British Columbia. 100% Skater owned and operated since 1985.

“To be able to work with DGK and help bring the brand back to Canada at this time is exciting. We are proud of the brand mix we offer at Ultimate and see DGK being a great fit. DGK’s respected and rich history in skateboarding makes it very relavant for our Canadian retailers.” – Brad Richmond

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