Chase Wilson and BYRD Hairdo Products

BYRD Hairdo Products established in 2012 by professional surfer Chase Wilson. Trademarked after Chase’s nickname “Big Bird”, BYRD aims to blend California lifestyle, surfing, fashion, and classic 60’s aesthetic all into one brand. Raised in Newport Beach, CA, Wilson has been well affiliated in all aspects of the surfing and fashion world. Ensuring superior quality, style, and originality, BYRD’s custom made products deliver a slick look and an electrifying fresh scent that will leave the ladies swooning.
Although born in a modern day world, BYRD has been idealized from the nostalgia of an era where grooming was once a necessity in your daily routine. And whether you were heading to the beach, a get-together, or a formal function, you were going to look slick in the process. We hope to translate this forgotten appreciation into your busy, on-the-go lives as simple and accessible as possible.

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