Alien Workshop is Back


Alien Workshop is undeniably one of the most iconic brands in skateboarding history. They radically altered graphics and brought an artistic and surreal bend to the visual aspects of skating. Based out of Ohio, Alien used their distance from the established industry scene to create a powerful new weirdness that merged conspiracy theories, puppet art, strong symbolism and a breakout team. Like the most successful skate brands, Alien created a new way to personify the activity’s underground and isolated culture.

The brand was purchased by Burton snowboards in 2008 and then bought by longtime rider Rob Dyrdek in 2012. Pacific Vector, a company that owned the No Fear brand among others, acquired a controlling interest the following year. To many devotees it felt as if an ironic reversal had occurred and Alien had in fact been abducted by The Corporate World and dissected and anal probed by creative killing accountants before being returned to Earth a traumatized and distressed husk. There were social media funerals and autopsies. But behind the scenes, a core group of skaters who have known each other since the 1980s found a way to bring The Workshop back to skateboarding, right to Tum Yeto Collective.

We’re beyond stoked to welcome Alien Workshop back to the Ultimate Distribution family.

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