February, 2014

JSLV/SK8MAFIA Shang-Higher: Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7fx7SEcSzY The SK8MAFIA has some serious ledge/tech wizards and China’s perfect plazas set the stage for this high-quality production. Featuring Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao, Larelle Gray, Kellen James, and Jamie…

Ain’t Nothin Nice!

http://youtu.be/KGBJRdgn0jo Onethirtythree Boardshop will be doing a series of short commercials featuring team riders. This one features Roger Skateboards flow bro Keith Stevenson, and Footprint Insole Technology rider Jason Wilson.

SM290: Pip Meadows

Penticton transplant, and Happy Hour Shades rider, Skyler Kehr managed to film a few lines in between getting snaked by scooter kids at Pitt Meadows park.


http://youtu.be/vq1SHY40zyo Starring Ashbury’s Nestor Judkins. Many people already know Stanley Roger Smith as two time Grand Slam singles champion, one of the greatest tennis players of all time. What people…

Happy Water Tour

Vancouver’s Jake Kuzyk (Ashbury, Howl) and Darrell Mathes (StepChild Snowboards, Howl) hit up South Korea with the Vans squad.


Concrete Skateboard Magazine is celebrating the release of issue #129 at Joe’s Apartment on 919 Granville St. in Vancouver on Thursday, Feb.27th. Come skate the 4-foot mini in the bar!…

Thrasher x JSLV Week

Thrasher Mag and JSLV have teamed up this week for a showcasing of new ads featuring a selection of new threads. Everyday a new piece will be highlighted and blasted…

Mission Game of SKATE

Mission Snow & Skate is hosting a Game of SKATE at the HIFI club in Calgary. Be sure to add this to the calendars! Presented by Bones, Thrasher & Toy…